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Dhani's interview (2012-07-02) 
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Post Dhani's interview (2012-07-02)
Thank you Dhani for the interview you gave to Fangroup No.1 on 2012-07-02. ;)

You can read the whole interview below or click the following link to get the original version :

1. When will you be back?
As an artist, I dont know. I have so much to do as a producer. But as as soon as I have a day where I can work on my own stuff I do. But Im not working against a time frame. But Im very excited to get stuff out as soon as possible!:) Cause Im sure about what type and style I wanna do. 8-)

2. What is planned for 2012/13?
To keep making hits both for me and for other artists. Music, music, music!! :)

3. Are you working on a new project? Can you share something about with us?
Like I said earlier. I got my own "artist" folder in my laptop that Im working on stuff for myself as soon as I get a chance, but its not pri 1 right now. But Im suuuper excited to get my solo stuff out for you guys. :)

4. Who are you working with? (producers/musicians/songwriters)
All different, dont wanna tell you guys to much yet. But I will def keep you guys posted. :)

5. Are you writing new songs?

6. Are you writing music for other artist/s?
All different artists, keep you guys posted.. :)

7. Will you release a new song/single anytime soon?
As soon as I feel I have something that is KILLER! So, sooon.... :mrgreen:

8. Where do you get inspiration to write your songs?
Ouuufff, all different. My girlfriend, she is the world to me!! When I wake up. When I visit new places.When Im in different modes, like happy sad etc. So that means all the time. ;)

9. Would you like to try new styles?
MY own style Im working on is alooot different from A-teens. lol

10. Which artist/s would you like to do a duet with?
Hmmm, I have alot of people in mind. Cant tell you now. :?:

11. Which Swedish artist/s would you like to do a duet with?
Cant tell you now... ;) I keep you posted, promise!

12. Who have been the biggest influences in your musical career?
Hmmm, impossible question. I get inspired from alot of different artists, people, friends, family, life. :)

13. Which was the best moment of your career?
Wow, Ive had so many great moments. These days it is to be able to work with people you admire and get inspired from. With the a-teens it must have been.. hmm, our headlining tour in the states or all our crazy trips to south america. :)

14. Would you like to participate in Melodifestivalen? (ESC)
ESC have never been something for me. i think its great for artists toget their music out, but I would never participate. :)

15. What happened to your (official) website? When will it be updated?
My site is pretty "dead" right now. lol sorry. But cause my artist career is a bit on hold right now. I wait til I know more and got info for you. :) But soon, real soon!!

16. One more favor: Could you send a few lines greeting to Fangroup No.1 ( and to all your fans?
Thank you Fangroup No.1 and all you guys out there for always being there for me, for all the love and support during all these years. Thank you for your patient. But I promise it will be worth it! ;)

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Post Re: Dhani's interview (2012-07-02)
Thank you for posting this interview. :D

Mon Dec 24, 2012 4:00 am
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