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(Verse 1)

I know I might seem weird
One day I'm around the next I disappear
This is a crazy act
But I won't break up, kiss and make up that's a fact

Cuz always, ever, after and on


When you think the party's over look over your shoulder
I'm at your door, coming back for more
Dancing in the moonlight, 'til the break of day like we did before
We'll be coming back for more

(Verse 2)

We're on a one-way ride
And all I need is someone like you by my side
You saw the movie too
We'll ride into the sunset like they always do

For all days, all nights, hours I'm gone

(Verse 3)

If I'm still number one
The one you're looking for
I won't be gone for long
Now I'll be back for more