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Note : This track was also released as a single in 2002.

(Verse 1)

Hey Mr. DJ in case you forgot
I came to get down so you better make it hot
Cuz I can't jump around when I hear - GROOVE-KILLERS
When I'm out sitting down it's a clear - TIME-SPILLER

Gimme a track with fat kind of beat
A groove so unique that it kicks me out my seat
Cuz I won't find the mood with a new - SPINE-CHILLER
When the crowd leaves the room it's a true - CLUB-THRILLER


Better make it hot
Music please
Blow the spot
Play that funky music

That is how we want it - FLOORFILLER
That is how we need it - FLOORFILLER
Something's out of order - People in the corners
Don't you see it
Can't you feel it

(Verse 2)

Crank up a bass that can raise up the roof
A bomb-diggy drum coming at me with a POOF
Gotta boom shake the room cuz we're all - HEAT-SEEKERS
With a jam that can slam down the walls - MIND-FREAKER

(Verse 3)

You'll know by the signs when the crowd is getting wild
Hands swinging high like a chopper in the sky
But a slow-bumping flow ain't the way - PULSE-FREEZER
See the name of the game is to play - CROWD-PLEASERS